Elizabeth O. Dulemba
About every six weeks, Connie lands on a friend's apartment and cooks an amazing meal. People pay to come enjoy her culinary wonders and it's quite the high brow affair, so the limited slots fill quickly and the events are always unique and delicious. Read the full article
Blythe Robertson
I’d been looking forward to the first Edinburgh Salon event, since I heard about it back in February. Drawing its inspiration from Jim Haynes’ weekly Paris events, it promised tasty grub and interesting chat in convivial surroundings... Read the full review  
Susie Anderson
One of my favourite things about the event was the fact that, due to it be a standing affair, I got the chance to speak to most people there. There were people from all wakes of life. Read the full review
Ed Mackey
… an ingenious, original idea … three golden hours of generous, welcoming hospitality … a delicious, sophisticated dinner in three courses – beautifully home cooked and presented personally, accompanied by a selection of well-chosen drinks and set-off with clever little details – the theatre of a mystery location and the company of fascinating strangers is fun, intriguing and entertaining  – a unique, captivating and memorable experience on 31 May 2015 …  
Thank you so much for an opportunity to be a part of your salon. The food was very delicious and I had a wonderful time with other guests!
You did everything great! I look forward to our next meeting.

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